Senior Portrait Information

How does it work?





We want to get to know you


Every senior is different. We’ll discuss your expectations of your senior portrait session. We want to know about your hobbies, sports your play, anything that makes you, you. Do you love bow ties, play a varsity sport, plan an instrument, love to dance, love to act, have some other special activity that we could show in a photograph? We will accommodate up to three outfit changes during the session.


Pick a Session Date and Time


We will select a day and time for your portrait session. We recommend either an early morning or late afternoon, early evening session time for the best natural lighting.




Do you have a location that is special to you? We had one senior that wanted photos down by the river where he spent a lot of time fishing and thinking. There are many choices of locations that offer great backgrounds. We are partial to downtown Harper’s Ferry, Shepherdstown and Charles Town.


Financial Investment


We will discuss your investment and review our session contract.



Picture Day


What to Wear


Bring clothes that reflect the image you want to portray in the photographs. Remember those hobbies and interests we discussed earlier. Now is the time to bring those out in what you wear for your session.


Pay attention to how much sun you get before your session. You don’t want to have sunburn.


A comb or brush can come in handy.


Ladies, matching jewelry for each outfit is a good idea and don’t forget about make-up and nails.


Be Yourself


Don’t be nervous. We are here to capture your true spirit. Is there someone who can bring out that natural smile, maybe it’s mom or dad or someone special. Bring them along.





Review Your Images


We will choose the images that we feel represent the best images from the session. Images will be loaded to our site within two weeks of the session in a private online gallery for your review. Feel free to share the gallery link with friends and family so they can enjoy them too. 


Place Your Order


The gallery will expire 14 days after we send you the gallery link so don’t delay in placing your order. We have several packages from which to choose or you can create your own with our a-la-carte package option.


Spread the Word


Tell everyone how you enjoyed your session with us. If you didn’t (we can’t imagine this), please bring it to our attention. We want you to be happy with your senior portrait session and photos. There is so much happening senior year. Senior portraits don’t need to be stressful. This should enjoyable!



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