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My passion for photography was sparked by my Scoutmaster, a professional photographer who brought his love of photography to our troop outings. He would let us use his camera to take candid shots of fellow scouts. I remember trying to capture an egg yolk in mid-air as we were making breakfast. My love of the outdoors was also kindled and nurtured during those scouting years. Those in Scouting, will surely know of Philmont, a scout high adventure base near Cimarron, NM. It was at Philmont that I captured photos for what was to be my first “professional” slide show.

In college, my degree turned towards journalism.  I joined the student photography staff that was responsible for photos for the student newspaper, magazine and yearbook. I remember my first camera, a Pentax K1000. This was back in the day of film. I had the opportunity to photograph a variety of subjects during this time including rock bands, comics, all sorts of student life and a variety of sports. It is here that I gained a love of sports photography.   There’s just something wonderful about being able to capture that one special moment of the game. A summer internship with the local newspaper added to my experience.

A one year stint during college at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (remember my scoutmaster) taught me a lot about lighting whether it was shooting portraits, plays or art pieces. I learned light and shadow both play an important role in photography. Without shadow, you would never be able to see the detail on a worn, roman coin. It’s shadow that brings out the depth in a photograph. I was exposed to a variety of cameras including 35mm, medium and large format. My appreciation for Ansel Adams grew when I thought about lugging around that large format camera.

My plan to become a photojournalist just didn’t work out. Maybe it was for the best as that industry has had rough time. Over the years, I have continued to photograph sports, nature and landscapes, mostly related to family activities:  a vacation to Yosemite, Yellowstone or a soccer match. It is now that I find myself yearning to make photography a more important part of my life and why Steve Kubik Photography was born.

I can now combine my photography experience along with over 10 years as a referee, assessor, instructor and coach to bring you professional quality photographs of your athlete. My experience in lighting allows me to provide portraits of your senior that you will enjoy for years to come.

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