A Great Visit to Dallas and Fort Worth

by | Jan 29, 2017 | People

We enjoyed a great trip to Texas a few weeks ago. Visited my brother and got to hang out with Dave Stock and Jamie House of teamDSP. Did a little sightseeing in Dallas on Friday and Fort Worth on Saturday. I really enjoyed the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas.  All in all, a great grip.

We enjoyed lunch on Friday at Souk Mediterranean Bistro & Bar in Trinity Groves. The food was fantastic (highly recommended) and it was great to sit outside and joy the 70 degree day.

Appetizer Sampler at Souk

And of course, we couldn’t go to a new city and not take some pictures of Maissa.

I really enjoyed the Fort Worth Water Gardens. The background of the featured photo (above) is a fountain with a whole lot of mist nozzles. it created an awesome background effect that looks like seamless paper. We got lucky with the light here. It was bright and overcast, like using a gigantic soft box.

The next three photos are also from the water garden. There were quite a few fountains each offering a different feel. I saw several other folks taking photos while we were there. I’m guessing it’s a popular spot for portraits.

The image of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge was taken from the old bridge that was converted into a city park. What a great idea! The last image was taken in the Nasher Sculpture Garden.




Mark, Lynn and Maissa enjoying the large active pool in the water garden


Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge over the Trinity River looking back at Dallas


Another one from the water gardens. A real smile!


Nasher Sculpture Garden, Dallas

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